Fuerteventura, known and mentioned in all blogs and reviews as the “European Hawaii”, is an exceptional destination for surfers of all levels who want to learn or improve their surfing skills. Here I made a list of things that make surfing in Fuerteventura a good choice.

surf coach in FuerteventuraWe have high quality waves all year round. Winter being the best time with consistent and idyllic conditions. Its location in the Atlantic Ocean guarantees a constant supply of swell, making it a reliable surfing destination. The island has a variety of breaks suitable for different skill levels, ranging from gentle waves for beginners to powerful barrels for pro surfers.

Fuerteventura is home to numerous surf spots, each with its own characteristics. Whether you prefer long breaks, beach breaks or reef breaks, you’ll find plenty of options on the island. From popular spots like Corralejo Beach to hidden gems like our beloved fishing village of El Cotillo. Localism is strong on the advanced peaks and respect and easy going reigns on the beginner and surf school peaks.

The Canary Islands, including Fuerteventura, enjoy warm temperatures all year round. This allows surfers to enjoy their sessions without the need for thick wetsuits. In addition, Fuerteventura enjoys pleasant weather conditions, with mild winters and hot summers, creating an environment conducive to outdoor activities. Throughout the year you can surf with wetsuits with a maximum thickness of 3mm of neoprene. In the months of July to November you can easily surf in a swimsuit or short wetsuit if it is sunny and the wind is light and from the East.

Surfer friendly environment: Fuerteventura has cultivated a surf culture that welcomes surfers from all over the world. Surfing is becoming increasingly popular and touristy but El Cotillo continues to have a relaxed and friendly atmosphere, with a strong sense of community. Corralejo continues to be a charming village but has become more touristy than the villages of La Oliva, Villaverde, Lajares. These are still tourist but have retained more original charm of the past, as well as a more typical architecture and ancestral.

Besides surfing, Fuerteventura has beautiful golden sandy beaches and breathtaking landscapes that will take your breath away. After your surf lessons in Cotillo, you can relax on the pristine beaches, explore the volcanic cliffs or simply enjoy the breathtaking sunset over the ocean.

surf coach with his studentsSurfing in Fuerteventura is more than just riding waves. It is a full immersion experience in the surf culture. From the relaxed atmosphere to the hospitality of the locals, you will feel part of a community passionate about surfing. Surf lessons in Cotillo will allow you to immerse yourself in this unique culture and connect with other surf lovers from all over the world.

If you are looking for the thrill of surfing in an idyllic setting, Fuerteventura and in particular Cotillo are the perfect choice. With its exceptional surf conditions, pleasant climate and of course Hi Surf. We are dedicated to surfing for real. Small groups and no tourist quality mentality. Read our reviews and you will understand. They are not created by bots nor are we a Pay to Win. We are the effort of a job well done since 2019.

See you soon in El Cotillo!

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