Fuerteventura has an average water temperature between 18-20° – this makes it also a perfect winter escape destination for many. Even though we have sunshine practically all year around, you might think about which wetsuit you are going to bring depending on the season.

As the water is more or less warm (never too cold/never too warm) all year around the all-round solution for a Wetsuit Is definitely a 3:2. In summer you might want to keep your front zip open in order to have a bit more fresh water coming in, whereas in winter, especially early morning sunrise or sunset sessions, you might want to paddle some extra rounds to keep warm.

In Winter, if you have a 4:3 you definitely have the advantage to stay in the water longer and it will be a good option, if you are sensitive of getting cold easily.

In Summer you can definitely bring along a shorty, on some hot days it is even nice to surf in a Bikini/Boardshorts. Though a wetsuit will always protect the sensitive skin parts of your body more – such as belly / thighs / elbows.

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Finding the right wetsuit:
If you buy a wetsuit make sure to try it on – do not order it online unless you already know the brand and their sizing.

Each brand has a slightly different fit and so it is really important to find the right fit for you. It should be like your second skin, otherwise too much water will enter and won’t keep you warm, or will limit you in your mobility. Make sure there is no excess room in the torso area, shoulders, knees and crotch area. Stretch a little and lift your arms to see if the movement is still fine. As mentioned before, it is your second skin, it should definitely be tight, but at the same time it should not limit you in your movements wen bending down, squatting or lifting your arms.

How to take care of your wetsuit?
Make sure to rinse your wetsuit with clean water as soon as possible after using it. If after some time you feel its getting a bit smelly, you can also add some wetsuit-soap or non-detergent soap.

After washing try to avoid hanging it up on the shoulders. Because of the weight it will pull down the shoulder area and very soon it can degrade and stiffen the neoprene.
After it is dried inside you can turn it around so also the outside can dry. Make sure though the inside always gets dried first, so when you get back in the water the next day, at least your inside will already be nice to crawl back inside.

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