Every new experience starts with the first step – in this case with the first wave! Daria and Pawel have never been surfing before and I can say, that they have not been the only ones being excited about that. (…I was too)

The Swedish couple tried surfing for the first time and I am sure that it will not be there last time. After taking a bit about the conditions and having a small introduction into the world of surfing, we did some warm up on the Beach and practiced the basics in the sand. We also talked about the tides of the water, how much the moon influences the conditions and how important it is to find the right spot with the right time. The conditions on our coaching day have been small with lots of space – so perfect for a first day in the water.


Daria and Pawel made a great progress in their first lesson and time just flew by, while catching the first waves and I was getting happier and happier watching them taking their first waves on their own. Coming out of the water, Daria said, that this was a “life changing experience” for her and this comment made me even luckier to be their instructor and being able to learn them how to surf.

I hope to see Daria and Pawel soon and continue with their surfing career ;).


For the wild ones!



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