The plan was totally on, when my friend Morti and me detected a perfect swelll for an early bird in one of the most powerful and beautiful waves on Fuerteventura’s North Shore. To make this plan even more perfect, we spontaneously decided to camp just in front, having a little BBQ there, so we could jump right into our wetsuit waking up in the morning.


Still full from our BBQ session (that held up almost all the night long) we decided to skip the breakfast and hop right into the water.


Morti and me we were sitting at the peak, watching those beautiful glassy lines creating a typical Hawaiian shaped wonder. I guess Breakfast was on – because the ocean served us some incredible waves!

Morti opening fire in a glassy curl!

The rhythm of the session was pretty constant, because of the clean channel to paddle back to the peak. Few locals joined our wave party and together we started a full camaraderie fight for the biggest and most perfect lines. The size of the wave was a good overhead in the biggest set and shoulder size at the regular sets. The wave was fast as always in this spot and mistakes where payed in kissing the volcanic reef from time to time.

It's me in a drop, look at that bowl!

In every Morti’s wave I had seen paddling back to the peak with a smile bigger than his face. Everybody was able to surf some nice waves before the tide was up to high. For now the wave party was over – but that only meant some time for a second breakfast outside the water with some brewed coffee right at the spot 😉

It's me in a drop, fully supervised by Morti and a talented grom.

The surfing this day was amazing – but even more incredible to share this experience with your friends in the water – sharing laughs, waves and happiness!


Cheers to Morti!



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