One thing we have a lot on Fuerteventura is simply – space. Our beaches are never crowded and walking through our little towns, such as Lajares or El Cotillo, will give you plenty of space to keep all the distance you need. We are surrounded by dessert and the ocean. Meaning we have a lot of natural areas and only small towns. Also in our surflessons, we provide all the safety that is necessary and will chose the best time, to surf in spots that are not crowded. Especially at Hisurf we keep our groups small and and prefer to teach 1:1. Speaking about small…our island may be small, but so are our shops, restaurants and locals. And in this case small does not mean crowded, no it means personal & giving you the best service and Covid measurements, it means giving less people more space.


Even though some countries declared the Canary Islands as a country of risk right now, the Numbers on Fuerteventura itself are very low, as they have been from the beginning & we are doing everything to keep it this way. Fuerteventura is adapting and offers different testcenters for tourists who need to provide a negative test result in order to not be quarantined after their vacations. They even try to bear the costs for all required Covid Tests from October on.


Fuerteventura is only a few hour flight away fom the mainland and offers nice temperatures all year around. Especially in winter when the mainland starts to get very cold and icy, Fuerteventura offers summer, sun & really nice winter swells.



Due to our location, we are not only having summer temperatures in winter, we also get our beloved winterswells which offers us a variety of waves around the island. Especially in the north of the island, winter is the best time to catch some nice waves with less wind.

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