Are you planning a surf trip to Fuerteventura and you have no idea about the spots, conditions, tides, localism, issues with the surf confidence… or maybe tired and stuck of surfing in Punta Blanca with dozens of surfschools that are colapsing the spot and compromising the security.

Why surf guidance?

The surf guidance is the solution for aknowlege you about the surf in Fuerteventura area and all the potential and magnific sessions that can bring the local knowldege. Specially if you are in surf holidays and the days are limited.

For who’s is the surf guidance?

The guidance is for all levels. It’s recommended and makes more sense when your surf level is intermediate or more.

The sense of the guidance appears for the wish of: surfing in better conditions, discover new spots, understand better the local forecasting and sharing sessions with real surfers out of the influence of the massive surf school areas. In other words, is the service that every surfer needs to progress and enjoy the surfing in Fuerteventura. I want to be your professional surf buddy.

Which surf guidance I offers in Hi Surf Coaching?

As everything related with that surf concept is that is personalized. A guidance has to the match the realistic aspiration and wishes of the surfer that hires that service.

In basic lines I understand a a guidance as a meeting and try to chase together the best waves of the day ( always according to the guided surf level, forecast and ambitions of the surfer, for ex longboard waves…). In that proces of chasing the surfer will be documented and informed, transmiting the best knowledge to create an autonomous and responsible surfer.

Is a guidance a surf coaching?

A guidance can be enterely complemented by a surf coaching or trainning concept. That’s why is important make this clarification. You can be a surfer interested in a guidance to discover and surf the area and at the same time be involved in a coaching session.

What we wanna work in the guidance?

  • Know more about the spots of the island (more than the surfguides are telling you)
  • Understand the basic and local forecast: tides, swell, winds
  • Know more about localism and surf etiquette
  • Undestand the island surfing ant the surf&tourism impact

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