Surf lessons El Cotillo

Maximum 3 students

Material included

Professional and with passion

Small & Local business

Duration & Organitzation

  • The concept is designed for small and private groups. Classes will be filled according to your surfing level and the conditions ahead.
  • I don’t do discounts or surf packages. The prices are really adjusted with the quality of the concept.
  • The coaching lasts between 2 / 3 h. Depending on transport and conditions.
  • Use the CONTACT form to let me know your surf level and availability. I will organize everything with love and care.


Private lesson - €95

Class 2 Students - €75 per student

Class 3 Students - €60 per student

Class 4 students - 50€ per student (only beginners)

Surf levels

Beginner level


It is the perfect level for those who are trying surfing for the first time or having only few sessions of experience. We will learn to respect the ocean and understand the theoretical and practical concepts so you will learn the basics of surfing.

Concepts taught in this level:

– Currents and basic water safety.
– Initial technique to stand up in foam waves or small green waves.
– Basic surf etiquette.
– Transport and maintenance of equipment.

Intermediate level

Lower intermediate

– Sitting position in the water and the basic movements to prepare for the wave.
– Surf etiquette and the theory of wave preference.
– Learn the basics of paddling and surfing a green wave.
– Basic wave lines and first turns.


– We will go into detail about positioning and reading the wave and the spot.
– We will practice and understand the most important concepts of green wave surfing: the down the line and the bottom turn.
– We will begin to practice basic manoeuvres such as the top turn, cut back and begin to improve the lines to increase speed.

Advanced intermediate

– We will learn to identify the sections of the wave and anticipate the most appropriate maneuver.
– We will begin to look for the fluidity and to polish the style.
– We will look for the most optimal and critical lines of the wave to maximize speed and maneuver.

Advanced level


Advanced surfing is the level at which the surfer seeks to fully optimise the manoeuvre at the most critical and powerful points of the wave. We will deal with concepts such as:

– optimising the pumping in the section
– reading and anticipation of a critical and perfect manoeuvre such as a cut back round house, the re-entry, off the lip, floter…
– reading technique, anticipation and positioning inside the tube to complete the manoeuvre and come out victorious.


Why should I book with Hi Surf?

  • Hi Surf services all levels of surfing and surfskate. The commitment is to offer a professional experience away from the tourist and big group quality that dominates the surfing world. Hi Surf was born in 2019 and continues to offer the same philosophy, quality and experience from day one. If you have any doubts check the online reviews and you will see what the students think about the concept. There is no false modesty, I try to do things right and the surf industry is a circus in Fuerteventura and all over the world.

What is the cancellation policy at Hi Surf?

  • In case of cancellation due to bad weather conditions, force majeure or severe unforeseen circumstances Hi Surf will offer a full refund or keep the amount of the lesson as a voucher.
  • In case of cancellation due to bad conditions in front of the beach and with the class already started, we will only ask for an amount of 20€ per student to cover transportation and time expenses. The remaining value of the class will be refunded.
  • In case of cancellation by the student if no proof of force majeure can be proved
  • 48h before the class: 100% refund.
  • 24h before the class: 50% refund.
  • 12h before the class: The class will count as completed. No refund possible.

What do I need to do a surf lesson with Hi Surf?

  • An acceptable physical condition. You don’t need to be an elite athlete. All you need is: a towel, a bikini/shorts to wear under your wetsuit, bit of water and a small snack.
  • If you are new to surfing, don’t overestimate yourself and know beforehand that learning to surf is hard and requires a lot of repetition. On the other hand it is an incredible sport and a way of life.

How do we organize the classes at Hi Surf?

  • Classes can be private / double private / mini group (3 students). If your preference is to share the classes with more people and on the dates there is no student of your level, the price scale will be applied according to the number of students who have booked the class.
  • Jordi will let you know at all times how full the quota is so that you will not have any problem with your preferences or budget.
  • The prices are well detailed in the pages: Surf Coahing and Surfskate and also in Frequently Asked Questions.

How do I pay for the lessons at Hi Surf?

  • Once Hi Surf accepts your application and we know the slots you want, we will ask for the payment of the first lesson in advance. Payment can be made by: Revolut / Bank Transfer / Cash. The following lessons you can arrange the payment with Jordi in the most convenient way.

How are the prices / duration / meeting point of the lessons with Hi Surf?

  • Surf lessons last between 3 and 3.5 hours. And the surfskate 2 hours. Transportation is included. There is the possibility of meeting at the beach if the student has a rental car.
  • The meeting point is in El Cotillo: Calle Las Gaviotas 5. If you can’t come to the lessons, let Jordi know and we will surely find a way to arrange transportation.
  • The surfing prices per student are as follows: Private 95€. Class of 2 people 75€. Class of 3 people 60€.
  • The surfskate prices per student are as follows: Private 45€. Class of 2 people 35€. Class of 3 people 30€.
  • Classes are not divisible. It is not possible to book half sessions. In any case you can extend and decide spontaneously if conditions and time permit.
  • What Hi Surf does not do are packages or offers for the simple fact that surfing is unpredictable and packages do not really work if you want to offer a real and professional concept in surfing. They deteriorate the quality of the training. Example: In a low budget package or breakthrough offer: you pay for 6 lessons and it turns out that 4 of them have lousy conditions. With Hi Surf you will not pay or do any lesson where there is no potential to learn.
  • We do not accept absurd proposals or bargaining. The prices are very adjusted to the quality of the concept.

Can I rent a van with Hi Surf?

  • It is possible to rent a van as long as you do it through the application and the link provided. This way you will be 100% insured and calm to enjoy the island in a different way.

Let's go surfing!

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