Punta Blanca deserved a t-shirt! Easy and chaotic this is how I would define it.It is a popular spot for a lot of locals who start surfing on the island, tourists and especially also surf schools and surf coaches!

Help me promote this t-shirt and let‘s all do our best to help spread surf etiquette and common sense while surfing together.

What do we need?

Awareness campaigns and good surfing practices such as:

– Respect the ocean, conditions and your surfing level.

– We want to keep the risk of rescues and injuries as low as possible – therefore we need to communicate & work together to avoid mass surfing that limits the space and proper functioning of the spot.

– Work for better regulation and raise awareness among schools and surfers about overexploitation and how to make good use of this wonderful spot. – For a less chaotic surf, for everyone! price € 30€.

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