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Chaotic moment in Punta Blanca

Punta Blanca Chaotic Surf was born as a little joke between friends and by its own strength and hook is evolving and the snowball is getting bigger and funnier! I’m looking forward to tell you all about it.

I’m going to explain it a little bit in case there are people who just landed and don’t understand what I’m talking about. Punta Blanca is a surf spot located on the north-west coast of Fuerteventura. Driving by car along the track you get there in about 20 minutes from Cotillo and 40 minutes from Corralejo. But be prepared the shocks and tires of your car because the quality of the track goes from bad to worse due to lack of maintenance.

This spot has evolved and gained popularity over time along with the tourist and surfing explosion that the island is experiencing since I arrived 10 years ago. In the days of dragons and titans, I remember that in a surf map of Fuerteventura considered Punta Blanca as a spot for windsurfers. In fact it is a perfect wave and a delight for windsurfers when there is on-shore wind.

Beautiful Punta Blanca bay

The explosion of popularity of surfing along with the flood of tourists who want to be surfers for a day, makes Punta Blanca is one of your first places where you will make your first misdeeds in surfing.

What to tell you about Punta Blanca… It’s an incredibly easy wave that works in almost all swells and all tides. Come on, that easily saves you the day of surfing. It is added that for the amateur surfer the long foams make that even if you are a turd the wave pushes you and you think that you are a surfer ready to throw 360 reverse in 20 minutes more. The worst thing is that if you thought you were going to learn how to surf in Fuerteventura and you see yourself surfing in huge lonely tubes in a vikini during the sunset while the dolphins play the ukele surfing with you. Sorry to disappoint you but get ready for a more mundane experience.

Be prepared for surfing with days of current not suitable for the less physically fit surfer, on-shore wind is dominant and the wave most days is a froth and not a wave. Add this to the fact that it is crowded with schools with huge groups and teachers yelling and whistling to save the unsalvageable. Also the classic kooks (90% Germans, the other 10% are from other countries of the world) floating like buoys and bothering each other because of the lack of positioning, paddling and experience. And finally the surfers who live and work there. Where we catch the waves whether it is windy, cold, hot, hurricane and we see the micro cosmos with the filter of experience and the endless hours surfed on the same wave.

Punta Blanca is a very interesting micro cosmos. It’s a continuous story with its characters and the eternal clichés of surfing. To give you a couple of examples how easy it is to identify the tremendous beginner with a shortboard who doesn’t know how to stand up or paddle a wave. The girl who floats down the channel and stays 300m from the peak because she’s tired and doesn’t have the strength to go back. Those who paddle to the shore against the current for 30 minutes. The kooks that can get to the outside and in the first set go back to the inside in a good washing machine and don’t come back out because they have already drunk 2 liters of sea water in the last roll. I would not stop giving examples of how the clichés, stories and experiences that Punta Blanca has given me are repeated. I can only tell you that Punta Blanca Chaotic Surf is a personal expression to channel this cosmos that sometimes frustrates me and I love at the same time.

During the pandemic and in the middle of the lockdown I started to learn screen printing. In between screen printing the youtube videos I made saved my existence and my sanity. It brought a laugh and a good memory. Because without a sense of humor and a little sass for me life has little meaning.

Buy the merch…ahaha! I’ll silk-screen print them at home and you feed me and my dear kitty Sissi!

A big kiss surfers!

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