One of the most important aspects of surfing is the need to maintain good physical shape. It is one of the barriers that tourists encounter when they decide to come and try surfing in Fuerteventura. They try it and they get frustrated and never surf again.

From Hi Surf one of the main recommendations is: do not overestimate your physical condition and understand that surfing is a very complete exercise with a high level of frustration due to its complexity and the tendency to sell this sport as cool. Yes, it’s very cool, but it’s very complex and hard!

Surfers must have adequate stamina, strength and flexibility to face the powerful waves and get the most out of every session in the water. It is very important to understand the difference between these two types of exercises in order to prepare yourself to be a good surfer.

1. Aerobic exercises:

These exercises are usually performed continuously and sustainably over a long period of time. Some common examples of aerobic exercise include running, walking, swimming, bicycling, and dancing. These activities help strengthen the cardiovascular system, improve stamina and effectively burn calories.

2. Anaerobic exercises:

Anaerobic exercises are high-intensity physical activities that involve quick, explosive movements. Some examples of anaerobic exercises include weight lifting, sprints, jumping jacks. It is important to get adequate rest between anaerobic exercise sessions to allow the muscles to recover and repair properly.
There is no magic formula because each person is different and needs to be trained in a specific way because our needs can be very different depending on our age / general physical condition / diet and lifestyle.surfing longboard fuerteventura

What we always recommend is to mix aerobic and anaerobic exercises in a healthy and balanced way to improve your general physical condition. The most recommended exercises to prepare for surfing are swimming, jogging, standup paddle and routines in the gym to strengthen the core, arms, shoulders and quadriceps of the legs.
You’re sick of hearing it but: eat a balanced diet and avoid refined sugars and saturated fats as much as possible.

We know that we always lack time in our lives. Therefore, if you have any doubts, you can always contact a sports professional at your gym. Another option is to talk to Jordi from Hi Surf Fuerteventura. He can give you many recommendations on how to prepare your surf trip in Fuerteventura and don’t feel frustrated when you try to surf.

Good waves!

Founder of Hi Surf


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