Spain, including Canary Islands entered in an Emergency State due to the crisis of Covid-19. Those are difficult times for everybody without exception. More or less everybody is getting the real dimension of the problem we are trying to solve staying at home and slowing down the propagation of the virus, but nobody really knows what’s to come. Also from my side, everything is unclear, but new challenges are knocking at the door.  


Obviously all of my coachings are cancelled and because everything is shut down and also all the airports are closed as well, the island is not receiving any single vital tourism. There is nothing to do, for me and Hi Surf Coaching. Those days at home gave me entirely new perspectives, of what to do with time. Because that’s what we all suddenly have plenty of. I decided to invest my time in trying to make and produce a few funny videos to give my day a new purpose. Instead of getting frustrated of sitting at home all day, I put all my energy into making funny videos. And I hope that doesn’t only make me smile, but also everybody out there who watches it. It really feels like putting a small candle in the dark. Probably after continuing with those videos, I might end up as a comedian, instead of a professional surf coach! haha – no but for real, I hope you can see it with the same amount of humor that I do. And let’s be honest, there is nothing more than we need right now than a few good laughs. So here we go! Enjoy watching it:



I really hope to see you soon and continue with my passion here on Fuerteventura: Guiding and coaching all of those surfers in total compromise with a lot of quality and for sure some humor as well 😉 I think teaching surfing is not just about catching waves, it’s about being comprehensive, patient, open-minded, emphatic, sharp and funny… And that’s exactly what I am trying to transmit in my surf coachings.


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