Spring arrived with on our beautiful Island and so did Sandra, a sweet and charming lady from a village called Vegas, close to Barcelona. On our first coaching, I immediately realized, that she had such a positive vibe for surfing and to make some progress in the water. What she was looking for, was mainly to get more confidence with the board and herself. For this, we arranged some private lessons mixed with some carving, offering the perfect balance to achieve more confidence and security with herself and the board(s).

On our first coaching in the water, we chatted a bit about life and the waves while paddling out to the peak. After studying her rhythm and behavior in the water, I could see perfectly of what she was trying to transmit to me before. Her take off and skills in the water, have been without questions, a straight “A” – the only thing that was missing was her confidence to take full advantage of those skills she already had. Later on, Sandra admitted, that she once had an incident surfing and now struggled a lot, because she was thinking about that all the time in the water.


In our second surf coaching we worked on increasing her confidence and her technique in the water. It was so great to see her learn and grow and how she understood more and more the spot and the current. Also waiting saving energy in waiting for the right wave. All the time in the water, Sandra was having the brightest smile ever – on the wave or off the wave – and you could see in her face how happy the ocean made her.


Afterwards she confessed, that it was the first time again in the water, with having pure joy, feeling absolutely comfortable without thinking of her incident – which made me incredibly happy as well!


To work more on her confidence, Sandra also was keen to try on surfskating. She was always very interested in the surf skating, but never got the chance to try it. In only a short amount of time she was already cruising around, doing her first turns and tricks – the same as in the water with a big smile of joy.

Thanks Sandra for all the fun in the water and surfskating together!


See you soon, and prepare your skate-park because I want to joint you and your family!


Un abrazo muy fuerte!



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