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3 de September de 2023

Surf schools Fuerteventura and worldwide

Fuerteventura, one of the Canary Islands of Spain, is a paradise for surf lovers. With its endless golden sandy beaches, crystal clear waters and ideal wind and wave conditions, Fuerteventura…
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25 de August de 2023

How to prepare your body for a surf trip in Fuerteventura.

Surf vacations offer a perfect combination of adventure and relaxation on the beach. Especially if you are thinking of traveling to Fuerteventura, this blog is designed to give you the…
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14 de August de 2023

Genuine guide to finding a good surf school in Fuerteventura.

If you find a surf school and it says "Come surf in the Hawaii of Europe" close the tab and look for something else XD. The surf market is saturated.…
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5 de August de 2023

Surf trip with a camper in Fuerteventura

Before the pandemic and after it, "camping on wheels" enthusiasts have been growing in popularity in recent years due to several reasons, such as the search for a simpler life,…
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27 de July de 2023

Be a responsible tourist in Fuerteventura

Fuerteventura, known as the "Island of Tranquillity" in the Canary Islands, has long been a paradise for nature lovers and tourists looking for golden sandy beaches and year-round surfing. However,…
Surfers practical guides
22 de July de 2023

Prepare yourself for Surf lessons in Fuerteventura

One of the most important aspects of surfing is the need to maintain good physical shape. It is one of the barriers that tourists encounter when they decide to come…
HiSurf & Friends
19 de July de 2023

Why we should surf in Fuerteventura

Fuerteventura, known and mentioned in all blogs and reviews as the "European Hawaii", is an exceptional destination for surfers of all levels who want to learn or improve their surfing…
HiSurf & Friends
22 de February de 2023

Punta Blanca Chaotic Surf Fuerteventura

Chaotic moment in Punta Blanca Punta Blanca Chaotic Surf was born as a little joke between friends and by its own strength and hook is evolving and the snowball is…
HiSurf & Friends
3 de June de 2022

Beyondsurfing Award

Hi surfers! I am writing this email because we are celebrating a little bit. Last May Hi Surf received a letter in a huge envelope with a return address in…
HiSurf & Friends
14 de April de 2022

Punta Blanca deserved it’s own T-Shirt

  Punta Blanca deserved a t-shirt! Easy and chaotic this is how I would define it.It is a popular spot for a lot of locals who start surfing on the…
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24 de March de 2022

Get ready for your Fuerteventura Surf Trip – the ultimate packing List

There are people that start packing one week before the holiday and some, who pack literally 2 hours before the flight. It doesn’t matter which of those two packing-types you…
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7 de March de 2022

Tips for buying your first own surfboard

After some time in the water and always planning when & where to rent a surfboard normally pops up the wish to own your own Surfboard. Which makes a lot…
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31 de January de 2022

Wetsuit Guide – Finding the right Wetsuit for Fuerteventura

Fuerteventura has an average water temperature between 18-20° - this makes it also a perfect winter escape destination for many. Even though we have sunshine practically all year around, you…
HiSurf & Friends
27 de December de 2021

Paola Shapes – a becoming Shaper-Girl on Fuerteventura

Today I would like to tell you a bit about Paula, not only a friend of mine on the island, but also a becoming shaper-girl, who by the way just…
Surfers practical guides
12 de November de 2021

Ever heard of Surfing Etiquette?

Learning to surf is not just about Take-Off practise, learning turns and analyzing waves. A big part is also about learning the culture and some very important rules to behave…
Surfers practical guides
12 de September de 2021

Why we must surfskate to improve your surf?

This simple guide will help you to understand all about the world of the surfskating. It doesn't matter if you are and advanced surfer or a person never jumped in…
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28 de July de 2021

Surf seasons Fuerteventura

Surfing is a very seasonal sport. It doesn't matter on which place of the earth you want to surf - there are always facts of the climate, swell and weather…
HiSurf & Friends
3 de March de 2021

Compilation of best moments Hi Surf Coaching

Since I started with the private coachings, nothing fulfills me anymore than have a look back and edit some compilations of my project and the moments that this amazing project…
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27 de December de 2020

Surf guidance in Fuerteventura

Are you planning a surf trip to Fuerteventura and you have no idea about the spots, conditions, tides, localism, issues with the surf confidence... or maybe tired and stuck of…
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19 de December de 2020

Surf in Fuerteventura during Coronavirus.

WE HAVE SPACE One thing we have a lot on Fuerteventura is simply - space. Our beaches are never crowded and walking through our little towns, such as Lajares or…
HiSurf & Friends
11 de November de 2020

Fuerteventura, the surf is on!

Spring arrived with on our beautiful Island and so did Sandra, a sweet and charming lady from a village called Vegas, close to Barcelona. On our first coaching, I immediately…
HiSurf & Friends
11 de November de 2020

The joy of catchin the first wave

Every new experience starts with the first step - in this case with the first wave! Daria and Pawel have never been surfing before and I can say, that they…
HiSurf & Friends
11 de November de 2020

The early bird catches the waves!

The plan was totally on, when my friend Morti and me detected a perfect swelll for an early bird in one of the most powerful and beautiful waves on Fuerteventura's…
HiSurf & Friends
11 de November de 2020

About life saving quality & security in the water

One week ago, I had the opportunity to take part at the "Surf coach Safety and Rescue Competency" organized by Surf Living Saving Great Britain . Although it's my third…
HiSurf & Friends
11 de November de 2020

October’s surf, Fuerteventura

Autumn is here and for the people from Canary Islands we know is our second summer. Less people, more waves and even better weather than the regular Europan summer. I…
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11 de November de 2020

Surf and surfskate with Kaj in Fuerteventura

I am in top of the world because Kaj is back. Kaj is one of the first students of Hi Surf. I am a very young brand and also Kaj…
HiSurf & Friends
11 de November de 2020

Surfskate with Sebastian in Fuerteventura

I got to know Sebastian a couple of years ago, when I was working for Fresh Surf in Cotillo. After a few lessons, we got to know each other inside…
HiSurf & Friends
11 de November de 2020

Perfect surf day in Fuerteventura with Hi Surf friend

I would like to show you guys whats for us one of the canary queen wave. With all due respect to the other amazing brakes there are in our archipelago.…
HiSurf & Friends
9 de November de 2020

Lock down, what is next?

Spain, including Canary Islands entered in an Emergency State due to the crisis of Covid-19. Those are difficult times for everybody without exception. More or less everybody is getting the…
HiSurf & Friends
9 de November de 2020


Watch the last creation of Hi Surf Coaching Unexpected Studios. Just to cheer you up. Let's get overwhelmed by this funny / dramatic / bit disturbing post-apocalyptic story where the…