Hi surfers!

I am writing this email because we are celebrating a little bit. Last May Hi Surf received a letter in a huge envelope with a return address in the name of Beyondsurfing. Basically they had contacted us for the possibility of appearing in their surf and winter sports magazine as well as being promoted on their website in the Fuerteventura surf section. Everyone likes to feel recognized, especially when someone from outside observes your work and recognizes you as one of the best surf schools in Europe.


For those of you who do not know Beyondsurfing, it is an independent platform that tries to give its readers transparency to users in the world of surfing. They are up to date providing their readers worldwide with tutorials and detailed information to outdoor sports lovers.

From Hi Surf, we will continue to work so that the brand continues to be synonymous with quality and not quantity. Especially is a very valuable point as the surf industry is evolving in Fuerteventura. Where it is increasingly appreciated that surfing is a very fashionable sport and that users need real experiences and courses and not tourist formats that work only as money making machines.

Take a look at the website www.beyondsurfing and see you soon in Fuerteventura!



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