There are people that start packing one week before the holiday and some, who pack literally 2 hours before the flight. It doesn’t matter which of those two packing-types you are, here comes an essential packing guide, to help you get ready for your surf trip.

1. Reusable Water Bottle
As you may already know, you can’t drink the tap water on Fuerteventura. In Order to avoid buying a lot of small plastic bottles, just bring a bottle, that you can fill up from a big water dispenser/canister. You will not only save som money but also avoid unnecessary waste of plastic.

2. Sunscreen & Zinc Stick 
One of the things people forget when being on fuerteventura is putting on sunscreen. As our climate is pretty nice with more or less wind on most days, it never really feels hot. Even though you might feel like it is not too hot outside, the sun is still very strong. Remember how close you are close to africa! So make sure you put on suncreen and in the water even some sun blocker/zinc stick. If you are reading this, and it’s already too late for you because you are already sun burnt, go and search for an Aloe Vera plant. You can simply slice up an arm of the plant and use the inside gel to cure the sun burn. It cools the skin and helps to heal – even if it feels sticky and grouse. 😉

3. Wetsuit & Surf Poncho
Nothing is more annoying, than forgetting your own wetsuit & surf poncho. Even if it takes up some space in your luggage, nothing is worse, than renting a wetsuit that just doesn’t fit right, or changing in the cold wind without your cozy poncho.

4. First Aid Kit
Hopefully one thing you will not need in your holidays, but for sure one of the best things to have by your side if needed. Get some basic medication, some bandaids and disinfectant. Especially with surfing, that is a risk sport, injuries or small cuts on the reef can happen. So make sure to be prepared for that, just in case and maybe also have a check up with your health insurance. Think about also packing a muscle cream, just in case you have some muscle ache or sore body parts after your first surf sessions.

5. Surf Wax
Even though you can get surf wax in every shop here, it is always good to have one bar of wax prepared for your first session. Like this you do not have to check at a surf shop first and can jump directly into the water.

6. A good book
Nothing is better than having a nice book to read at the beach, between surf session, on flat days or on waiting times while traveling.

7. Flip Flop & Beanie
As weird as those two things might sound in combination, they are both the best thing you can have on the island. Flip Flops, I think I don’t need to explain you, how practical it is on the beach with all the sand and the saltwater. For the Beanie, if you have never been on Fuerteventura, believe me, you will be happy about having a beanie. Sometimes the wind can be pretty strong and quiet fresh, so a beanie will be your perfect companion for the beach or to watch sunsets.

8. Surfboard
If you already own a Surfboard – bring one along. Like this you will have a board with you that you feel comfortable with. If the conditions on some days do not fit your board, you can just rent a board in a local surfshop.

9. Ding repair kit
In case you ding your board, it might take some days for a local shaper to repair. If you have just some days left and the ding is not too bad, you can at least fix it for yourself really quick and enjoy to continue surfing your board.

10. Bikini / Boardshorts
Because life on Fuerteventura happens at the beach and in the water, make sure to bring your bikini and boardshorts.


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