Activities and Island Exploration

Enjoy the island

Having a good time isn’t only limited to surfing: The island offers many cultural “must see” spots and other there are bit hidden and still wild. Get a travel guide and know a bit in advance what can offer. Personal advice, go with the flow and be open with your plans. It’s a calm island, and don’t expect rush hour or big city life.

Fuerteventura is a perfect island for sports and free time activity. Some might be active, others more passive and relaxing – but overall they all mean heaps of fun! What it concerns to me, I only work with partners or people that we have known for some time and which can ensure quality and service. Together with friends and partners, we offer you a variety of different options to spend your holidays.

Also many of these activities that I mention you can do it at your own and for free. And why  not, if you are my guest I would love to provide the best information to enjoy the island in a local and sustainable way.  I understand that you aren’t the person that visits Fuerteventura to end up at Mac Donald’s for lunch, you are more a person that wants to eat a delicious local stew accompanied  by the goat farmers and fisherman’s of the area.

Send me and inquiry about what’s in your mind and we design the best package for your holidays.

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Let's create the best package for your dream vacation

Horseback Riding

Stables and Animal Rescue Center in El Cotillo. Ride a horse at the west coast of Fuerteventura enjoy beautiful coastal excursions and sunset excursions!

Bike rental & Bike tour

Rent a bike or book a tour with different routes and durations to discover the best enclaves of the north west coast of Fuerteventura.

Snorkeling & guided tours

Get a mask and some fins and feel the freedom and the magic of snorkeling in the amazing waters we have. If you need guidance to arrive to the best spots just book a tour and snorkel with my professional partners.


Yoga is one of the perfect discipline hand in hand with surfing. There are multiple reasons to practice yoga: increase flexibility, strength, peace of mind and decreases lactic acid, join pain and decreases the chance of heart diseases.

Osteopathy & massage

Over exertions, bad posture and stress are common diseases they have to be treat to fully enjoy your holidays and your surfing . I know the best professionals on the island.

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Need help with
your trip?

If you have any questions about good restaurants, hiking trips, places to explore or road trips I am happy to guide you as good as possible :))