One week ago, I had the opportunity to take part at the “Surf coach Safety and Rescue Competency” organized by Surf Living Saving Great Britain . Although it’s my third time doing the course, it’s vital for the professional surf coaches to been constantly trained and updated in rescue protocols, safety and reanimation techniques.

I can only say, that that every time I refresh the course it’s just amazing to close ties with the professional community in Fuerteventura and it makes me feel prepared and safe to work with them on those topics. I believe that as a surf instructor, it is as important to know about safety and life saving – as about surfing itself. It helps you to understand the risks and to react according to the conditions.


Because of my many years of a instructor, I know how important it is, to be updated with SLSGB, to prepared for everything that can happen in the water. Knowing, that you did the best you could do and help in the best possible way, always gives me a good and calm feeling for all the lessons.

It’s time to say thanks to Fresh Surf School for let us use their facilities at el Cotillo. Same important to mencion the trust and the economical support I always recived from Fresh the last four years I have been coaching on their professional surf team.


Thanks to Chris Rea, coach from Water Skills Academy, to teach us with such a great passion, professionalism and a good sense of humor.


Keep learning & good surfing!



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