I would like to show you guys whats for us one of the canary queen wave. With all due respect to the other amazing brakes there are in our archipelago.


Surfing with my crew with that quality!What a wonderful experience. Such a perfect day and a perfect mood in the water.

I hope you enjoy the same as me watching this video that I recorded and edited with my Go Pro 7 with a mouth mount.


Provably you realized that try to never mention the waves were I am surfing. That fact is not cause of the wave is a secret or a extreme local spot. Escaping from that topics I would like to say that is very kind if we still keeping the magic for the places. Because not everything has to be instantaneous and fast consume, explore a bit my friend! It will be easy to figure it out if you want but… lets keep the magic on and let’s continue living the search!

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